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Watercolor Postcards: Take Your Creativity on Vacation

“We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity. When we get home, home is still the same, but something in our minds has changed, and that changes everything.” – Jonah Leher

Travel refreshes life and creativity. A journey to a new place; seeing the world with new, fresh eyes takes one outside of ones comfort zone and puts ones focus in the now. Creative muscles always feel refreshed after some time spent away from the studio.



For my most recent trip, a cruise to Alaska, I brought watercolor postcards and a portable set of watercolors to the stunningly beautiful Pacific Northwest. I often feel most creative on a relaxing vacation, so this project seemed ideal.

I like this project because you can either do it by yourself or in a group. The materials are small, lightweight and portable, about the size of a small paperback novel), all you need is a some water to rinse your brush, and water-color.


Watercolor postcards are contagious, once you find your creative zone, people will want to join in if you invite them. I enjoyed this project because now that I am home I have creative mementos to remember my trip by.  Once I was home I felt inspired to finish this project out.

On the corner of each postcard, I dated them with the month, year and trip destination. I then mailed them to my friends and family (being sure to include myself) that I had painted the postcards with.

On the back I wrote a short little note about something I enjoyed from the trip. At this point the postcards became more personal and valuable than anything that I could have purchased in a gift shop because now when I see the postcard I sent to myself I remember the experience of creating them with my loved ones.



Portable Watercolors
Watercolor Postcards

And if you really want to splurge check out this awesome travel case:

Art Travel Case

  • Project is completely portable, with all the materials fitting in an area about the size of a small paperback novel.
  • Project is appropriate and fun for all ages.
  • NON-Toxic
  • Make sure to bring extra brushes, and possibly a few sets of paint if you plan on doing this in a group.
  • Location Ideas: family reunions (family gatherings), camping, cruises, beach,picnics,any place relaxing and fun!)

Patron of the Arts- Creativity & Inspiration

-created, written & photographed by Lyrica Glory, founder of  Patron of the Arts

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PROJECT: The Meaning & Magic of Dreamcatchers

Attach crystals, beads and feathers to the ting of the dreamcatcher.

“Native ancestors believe the night air is filled with both good and bad dreams. The legend of the Dreamcatcher is that it attracts the good dreams while catching in the center web, the bad.

The good spirit dreams float down the sacred feather into the psyche of the dreamer while the bad spirit dreams are held in the center web and burn off in the first light of the sun.

Believed to be sacred objects, dreamcatchers bless those with pleasant dreams, good luck, and harmony throughout their lives. Native cultures also believe that a good and easy nights sleep will allow the dreamer to remember messages and visions from the higher spirit.


 This Dreamcatcher also represents a medicine wheel with every component having meaning- according to Native American lore:

The web represents, the spider, the brother of life- infinitely repairing the eternal web of our existence. The spider weaves our life’s dreams and energy in the universal patchwork when the dreamer falls asleep.


The ring represents the Earth mother and the humble walk we tread upon her.

Covered in multi-colored textiles, the dreamcatcher represents the mind, body, spirit aspects of our personality, moods and emotions.

It is believed that we are related to all things, and that all things are part of us. The Dreamcatcher and medicine wheel are representative of such a sacred belief.

The ring and the web woven together represent love, honesty and purity.

All of the combined elements on the dreamcatcher represent aspects of earth, fire, water and ether- all things we need to live. Once the dreamcatcher is hung freely, it represents the element of air.

Also reflected are the qualities of love-  to “be” love and to love. To take risks, leave the nest and fly out on one’s own, it instills the ability to live and thrive beyond ones shadows.

Crystals attached to the dreamcatcher represent the element of earth. Imbuing it with the qualities, energies and magic of those specific stones. (Use stones that are conducive to the activation of the dreamwork- see recommended crystals in the tabbed section below).


The following resources were used in the compilation of this article:
“The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian (book)
The Legend of Dreamcatchers (website)
-Get more inspiration & ideas for your dreamcatcher from our Dreamcatcher Pin Board.

The best crystals for a peaceful and fulfilling dream state are listed below and have been compiled from “The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons.

    • Moonstone – (keywords:mysteries, self-discovery, intuition, in-sight,dreams,the goddess) Moonstone is the talisman for the inward journey and meditation-taking one deep into oneself. What is revealed in that state are missing pieces or links to the puzzle. This stone connects one to the power of the moon. It is the stone of the High Priestess.
    • Rainbow Moonstone- These stones act as a prism that diffuses energy throughout the aura. It is a positive protection stone. It is particularly good for psychic protection and maintaining clarity of energy. These stones emenate great vitality, life force and exuberant joy. Rainbow moonstones offer the gifts of inner peace and harmony,emotional balance and strength, purification and transformation of negativity.These are like regular moonstones but with an extra dose. They also facilitate the opening of the rainbow light body.
    • Herkimer Quartz Diamond -(keywords: dreams,visions,purification) These crystals are manifestations of pure solidified spiritual light. They broadcast their own energies and magnify the frequencies of other stones. They emanate a high harmonious light. Their is a state of bliss and rapture in the vibration of a herkimer diamond. Dream work with Herkimer’s can be a wonderful experience.
    • Clear Quartz Crystal (keywords: programmability,amplification of ones intention,clearing) This is by far one of the most versatile and multi dimensional stones in the mineral realm.   Clear quartz can be ‘programmed’ by ones focused intention to assist in achieving virtually any any goal in inner or outer life. This is a stone of light and can be used for any metaphysical purpose.
    • Angelite– (keywords: angelic communication, gentle self-expression,serenity) The stones themselves emanate benevolence and serenity. Angelite is an excellent stone for dreamwork and can help one to remain lucid in the dream state and  to assist in remember the guidance received in dreams. It can also enhance the spiritual qualities of ones dreams. It helps with the exploration into the Akashic Records It can help in one understanding  and interpreting the symbolic content of  dreams and inner visions.
    • Smokey Quartz– (keywords: grounding,transmutation of ones negative energies,manifestation of ones dreams and inspirations) Smokey quartz offer protection from negative energies in ones environment, it cannot transmute unlimited amounts of negative energy by grounding into the earth. It is a stone for “keeping things clear”. Smokey quartz has a way of drawing the ethereal into manifestation.

May you be blessed with a beautiful and happy dream-filled life.”

-created, written & photographed by Lyrica Glory, founder of  Patron of the Arts

You can read more about Lyrica and her dreamcatchers directly on her website here, or see her available Dreamcatchers through her Etsy shop here


Fun Activities & Projects

ACTIVITY: Setting Intention… Flying Wishes

Flying Wishes-Patron of the Arts-Lyrica Glory

“An intention is the starting point of any dream, wish or focus. Setting forth an intention, or a wish is a powerful practice for bringing fourth creative energy into any area of your life.

For our most recent celebration we set forth “Flying Wishes,” into the Universe. Flying Wishes is a magical activity that all ages will enjoy. Using the special “wish kit” really adds  magic and delight to the process of sending a wish into the Universe- but you can using this same process using paper and a fire place(practice proper fire safety).



In a group or alone, write down your wish on the wish paper;  set forth a strong, positive intention into the Universe. Once written crumple up the paper, this is the process of releasing  control over your hearts desire and surrendering to the powers of the Universe. If you are using the wish kit,  roll the wish into a tube and place it on the paper,light it and watch your wish fly off into the Universe blessing this process with a flying feather.

Flying wishes and setting forth positive powerful intention adds unexpectected fun and delight to any celebration- festive, creative, mellow or even somber.

A Note on Setting Forth Intention:

As with anything, stop take a deep breath. Just let your self breathe for 5-17 seconds. You want to let the day’s energy settle, replacing the volume of your breathing with the volume of your thoughts. Find a space of peace and calm. Then ask yourself, “what is it that I want?”

Allow yourself to focus on the clarity of the answer. Look for the emotional desires, not the intellectual ones; follow the emotions of relief and fun.

As you begin to write your intention, use emotional, positive words to describe what you want. Your intention can be as simple or as detailed as feels right for you in that moment.

“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.”


-Adult Supervision Required
-For Indoor Use Only
-Please read instructions carefully.
-Only try this with the “Flying Wish Kit


by Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason



Patron of the Arts- Creativity & Inspiration Crown

-photographed & written by, Lyrica Glory, founder of Patron of the Arts