For the Fun of Coloring: the benefits & best supplies

The Benefits & Fun of Coloring

“It would be delightful, of course, if a thing of such psychological beauty – color – also held a mundane role in human physiological well-being.” -Faber Birren, 1982, a color consultant and published author of hundreds of articles and books on color

“The life experience, at it’s core, is joy. The French classify those moments we take such delight in, an exultation of spirit or “joie de vivre.” There are other times, however, we feel the pull to take back our exuberance in the journey.

In this fast-paced world with high-stress careers, it has become rather common to become acquainted with the feeling of imbalance. This imbalance surfaces most commonly through insomnia, stress, depression, and aggression to name a few.

Imbalance is a beautiful thing, for it calls the body to reach for balance. There are simple ways the brain can actually shift from being in a constant state of pressure and stress (Beta waves) into a more relaxed and calm state (Alpha waves).

The activity of coloring with a Coloring Book for at least 30 minutes per day has proven to be one of the most effective-and fun-practices to do so. More specifically, coloring in designs arranged around the principle of pattern repetition and detail.


The Benefits:

The act of coloring involves both logic and creativity. Psychologists such as Gloria Martinez Ayala, talk about coloring as an activity which aids in “retraining your amygdala (the brains “fear center”) to respond less harshly to stress.” Coloring also helps to open the frontal lobe, which is in charge of organizing and problem solving, effectively focusing the mind.

Take for example, your evening ritual. If you replaced the 30 minutes normally spent on the phone or computer with coloring, you would relax the mind without reducing melatonin levels, therefore improving sleep.

In 2013-2014, neuroscientist Dr. Stan Rodski conducted a research study composed of 126 “high-stress” participants. Upon the conclusion of the study, participants found the coloring practice to provide “immediate feedback in the form of feeling better.”

These benefits, similar to those of meditation, can offer a “gateway” of sorts to anyone reaching for a better balanced, high-functioning, lighthearted, “joie de vivre” type of life- all beings are worthy of living.


(the importance of good supplies)

Best Coloring Materials: Crayons, Markers & Pencils

Similar to the building of a house, the integrity of the materials used directly affects the structure of the completed work.  Ask any master pâtissier about the preferred ingredients compiled in a macaron or chocolate croissant and you will find that the ingredients are quite literally, everything.  

For an artist, the tools chosen for your practice should be selected carefully, for they are the components of your masterpiece. We have listed our tried and true favorites (together with links to purchase them easily) to be used in any type of coloring endeavor. Take pride in your practice, invest in your toolkit.”

crayons, markers & pencils

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-article written by Courtney Darling & photographed by Lyrica Glory

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