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ACTIVITY: Setting Intention… Flying Wishes

Flying Wishes-Patron of the Arts-Lyrica Glory

“An intention is the starting point of any dream, wish or focus. Setting forth an intention, or a wish is a powerful practice for bringing fourth creative energy into any area of your life.

For our most recent celebration we set forth “Flying Wishes,” into the Universe. Flying Wishes is a magical activity that all ages will enjoy. Using the special “wish kit” really adds  magic and delight to the process of sending a wish into the Universe- but you can using this same process using paper and a fire place(practice proper fire safety).



In a group or alone, write down your wish on the wish paper;  set forth a strong, positive intention into the Universe. Once written crumple up the paper, this is the process of releasing  control over your hearts desire and surrendering to the powers of the Universe. If you are using the wish kit,  roll the wish into a tube and place it on the paper,light it and watch your wish fly off into the Universe blessing this process with a flying feather.

Flying wishes and setting forth positive powerful intention adds unexpectected fun and delight to any celebration- festive, creative, mellow or even somber.

A Note on Setting Forth Intention:

As with anything, stop take a deep breath. Just let your self breathe for 5-17 seconds. You want to let the day’s energy settle, replacing the volume of your breathing with the volume of your thoughts. Find a space of peace and calm. Then ask yourself, “what is it that I want?”

Allow yourself to focus on the clarity of the answer. Look for the emotional desires, not the intellectual ones; follow the emotions of relief and fun.

As you begin to write your intention, use emotional, positive words to describe what you want. Your intention can be as simple or as detailed as feels right for you in that moment.

“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.”


-Adult Supervision Required
-For Indoor Use Only
-Please read instructions carefully.
-Only try this with the “Flying Wish Kit


by Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason



Patron of the Arts- Creativity & Inspiration Crown

-photographed & written by, Lyrica Glory, founder of Patron of the Arts